We’re making games to change the face of politics.

Games for the Many is a collective of artists, designers and developers focused on using the power of play to change politics. Games change the way you think. They can educate, subvert, move and inspire. We’re developing games to bring people together around a shared vision for a better world.

A lot of games can educate and inspire you using only strong plot or concept, of course, some of them can take too much time for getting this, but time isn`t a problem with game boosting service.



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The viral game that took the General Election 2017 by storm and reached over 2 million people. This is how we began and with your help we can push the boundaries of play and politics

Our next game – A Very British Coup

Games For The Many MegaGame

A Very British Coup is a megagame in which a new radical government must contend with the forces of power in the society they wish to reform – forces which would very much like things to stay the way they are.

A radical Labour party has been elected to government. Against them stand rival party factions, the right-wing press, top civil servants, the American embassy and even the intelligence services.

Use your cunning and intellect, outmaneuver your rivals, fight alongside your allies and you could emerge from the conflict – in power!

This megagame was created by Games for the Many and StonePaperScissors. It is inspired by Chris Mullins A Very British Coup novel and TV series.